How to Trust Your Magic Mind

In this week's episode, we're sharing a third tidbit from Madison's upcoming intensive, "The Magnet Within". You'll learn how to listen to your highest self while making big decisions, and go big for your dreams. Listen in to get a taste of our newest series and stay tuned for access to the entire course! Episode Show Notes: [0:38] How to Build Your Dream Life with Thought Patterns [2:48] How Madison Learned to Trust Her Initial Intuitive Impulses [5:05] How to Work With Ourselves, Not Against Ourselves [6:22] How to Understand & Connect With Your Superconscious Mind [9:10] How to Shift Your Paradigm to Embody Your Highest Potential Find Madison on Instagram: @officialmadisonrose Don't forget to screenshot, tag & share your aha moment from today's episode! Until next time, hold your head, thoughts & vibration high. Your Manifestation Mentor