Magnetic to Money

In this week's episode, we're sharing a tidbit of Madison's upcoming intensive, "The Magnet Within". You'll learn how to get aligned with the frequency of money to earn what you've always dreamed of! Listen in to get a taste of our newest series and stay tuned for access to the entire course! Episode Show Notes: [1:06] How to Influence Your Earnings with Your Thoughts [1:35] How Money Works & Responds to External Stimuli [2:39] How to Utilize the Physics of Money [4:08] How to Reframe Your Beliefs to Align with Your Financial Goals [5:13] How to Heighten Your Vibration by Immersing Yourself in Luxury [7:57] How to Respond When You're Challenged by High Costs Find Madison on Instagram: @officialmadisonrose Don't forget to screenshot, tag & share your aha moment from today's episode! Until next time, hold your head, thoughts & vibration high. Your Manifestation Mentor