Manifest Your Ideal Body

In this week's episode, Madison begins with a personal story where she shares how she was reminded of the importance in following your heart and intuition, no matter what. She then explains how to earn what you really want to earn by trusting yourself and shifting your thought patterns. Listen in for an empowering pep talk that will inspire you to go within for the answers you seek! Episode Show Notes: [1:40] How to Work with Your Conscious & Subconscious Minds [5:57] How to Reprogram Your Beliefs Around Weight [6:29] How to Utilize Goal Setting to Maintain Your Ideal Body [7:46] How to Use Auto Suggestion to Create Your Desired Results [12:40] How to Change Your Habits Naturally with Mindset Mastery Find Madison on Instagram: @officialmadisonrose Don't forget to screenshot, tag & share your aha moment from today's episode! Until next time, hold your head, thoughts & vibration high. Your Manifestation Mentor